Annual audit of quality management system

On November 15, 2021, Mr. Xiao of Fuzhou Branch of China Classification Society Quality Certification Company personally led a team to our company for the annual audit of quality management system certification. Mr. Xiao gave great recognition to the operation of our company's quality management system. Our company carries out quality management according to the international standardized quality system that has been strictly audited, which truly meets the requirements of legalization and scientization, greatly improves the design efficiency and drawing qualification rate, and rapidly improves the economic and social benefits of the enterprise.



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5, 58 meters distribution dual-purpose cargo ship smoothly on the platform

In mid-May 2022, the two distribution dual-purpose cargo ships designed by Fuzhou Taifu Ship Engineering Co., Ltd. were hoisted on the inclined platform of Ningde Funing Ship Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., marking the official entry of the first additional electric ship in Fujian Inland River into the platform closing stage.

Rules for daily maintenance of boats

1, daily fresh water cleaning the whole ship The boat is moored in water with high humidity and salt, and its surface is very easy to form salt crystals. This crystalline layer has the effect of accelerating the aging of the gel coat surface under light. Therefore, the boat should be washed with fresh water every day or every two days to wash away salt crystals and dust on the surface. In addition, the chemical composition contained in the feces of birds can also damage the gel coat layer, so it should be cleaned in time. After each cleaning, the hull should be dried immediately with a dry cloth (especially stainless steel parts and glass parts). If the water is left to dry naturally, it is easy to leave water stains, which will be difficult to clean up completely. 2. Polishing and waxing of the whole ship (to be completed before the middle of April each year) The working environment of the sailboat is relatively harsh, and it has been subjected to the combined effects of sea water, sunshine, dust, wind and rain for a long time. In order to slow down the oxidative aging of the gelcoat layer on the surface of the sailboat, the surface of the sailboat should be polished and waxed every year. The uniform high-quality wax film can effectively isolate the erosion of the gelcoat from sea water, air and dust. Let the surface of the sailboat shine again. Maintenance procedures: ① Wash and dry the hull ② According to the damage of the hull surface gel coat, select coarse wax/fine wax polishing ③ Rinse and wipe clean again ④ Polish with protective wax QQ screenshot 20180731135909.png 3. Indoor maintenance Due to the activities of personnel and the humid environment in which they are located, the indoor of the sailing boat also needs regular professional maintenance to ensure the quality of indoor furniture, clean indoor environment and mold intrusion. ① In the case of sailboats are not used, clean the indoor sanitation once a week, mainly for dust removal and garbage cleaning. ② Every six months for indoor furniture and floor waxing maintenance. ③ Carpet: The carpet in the cabin is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner once a week, and professionally cleaned every six months to remove bacteria, dust, and food residues and stains. ④ Toilet: The toilet should be kept clean and cleaned immediately after each voyage or when needed, including walls, floors, shower heads, faucets, handles, toilets, sewage outlets, etc. And according to the use of the situation, the choice of monthly or quarterly disinfection with disinfection water. 4. Cleaning of sails (for sailboats) Sail and hull, is also in a salty and wet environment for a long time, if not cleaned for a long time, crystallization in the crease of salt, will cause a certain degree of erosion on the sail surface, so every once in a while, the sail surface cleaning once. When cleaning, use a neutral cleaning liquid. After cleaning, dry the sails and put them away. 5. Bottom cleaning Because the hull is moored in the water for a long time, there will be marine organisms attached to the bottom of the ship, which not only reduces the speed, but also causes the loss of fuel. Therefore, the bottom of the ship should be cleaned regularly. Usually before the peak season of each year, the sailing boat is towed ashore, the bottom of the boat is cleaned of attachments, and before the sailing boat is launched, the bottom of the boat below the waterline is painted with anti-fouling paint. 6. Clean anti-collision ball Clean the anti-collision ball regularly so that it is always bright and clean. 7, timely maintenance In addition to daily maintenance procedures, cleaning and maintenance services are provided immediately after each use of the boat, rain, snow and other weather conditions.

Sailing maintenance details

(1) Daily cleaning: Rinse the surface of the sailboat with fresh water and wipe it with a rag. (2) Cycle cleaning: Take the running time of the sailboat engine as a cycle, maintain the engine of a new boat for 10 hours of operation, and then perform maintenance every 100 hours of operation.

What are the advantages of glass steel ship

FRP has the advantages of low density, high specific strength, easy forming, smooth surface, low water absorption, low thermal conductivity, seawater corrosion resistance, no insects, easy maintenance and repair, etc. When used to build fishing boats, it can reduce the dead weight of the hull by 20% to 30%, increase the loading capacity of fishing boats, reduce resistance, increase speed, save fuel and improve economic benefits. At the same time, it is also beneficial to keep fish fresh, easy to mass production and has low maintenance cost, long life. In addition, the stability and center of gravity of the FRP fishing boat are far away, the recovery torque is large, the stability is good, and the sailing ups and downs, recovery and safety are good in the big wind and waves. Modern scientific and technological development and Chinese and foreign experience has proved that FRP fishing boats have many advantages that wooden fishing boats do not have, especially in terms of displacement, speed, horsepower loss, formability and other aspects of performance, but also non-wooden fishing boats can be compared, so FRP is recognized as a more ideal fishing boat construction material.